SerialGhost RS-485 Module

The SerialGhost is a RS-485 logging module available as a PCB module with terminal block connectors. It can acquire data from a single RS-485 data source, or tap onto an RS-485 bus. The SerialGhost can operate as USB flash memory for easy access to logged data. It's packed with features such as virtual COM port mode with data streaming and a proprietary command set.

SerialGhost RS-485 Module
  • Logs asynchronous RS-485 transmission

  • Baud rates up to 230400 bps

  • Works with data signaling levels from +/-5V up

  • Independently selectable bit rates for both channels

  • Modular form-factor with terminal block connectors

  • 16 gigabytes internal memory

  • Industrial grade flash memory

  • Operates as a USB flash drive

  • Virtual COM port mode with data streaming and command set

  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible

  • Dual power: +5V (USB) or +9V...+24V DC (terminal connector)

  • Integrated step-down switching power supply

  • USB cable included

Data logging made simple

The SerialGhost RS-485 Module is a modular asynchronous serial logger, capable of recording RS-485 data streams from devices like industrial controllers, motor drives, home appliances, base stations, diagnostic devices etc. Connect the device either to a single RS-485 source, or in-line on an RS-485 bus. Connect +5V through USB or +9V...+24V DC power through the terminal connector. The SerialGhost RS-485 Module will immediately start logging all data available on the bus. No software or drivers are required.

SerialGhost RS-485 Module
SerialGhost RS-485 Module

Easy access

To view the recorded data, the SerialGhost RS-485 Module may be switched to flash drive mode. Connect to a computer using a USB-B cable, short the MODE pin to GND, and the SerialGhost RS-485 Module will pop up as a removable drive, containing a file with logged data. The flash drive may also be used to configure the device, such as baudrate, parity bits, start/stop bits, etc.

SerialGhost RS-485 Module

Multiple modes

The SerialGhost family is packed with features, such as the capability to act as a USB removable flash drive, or USB Virtual COM port. In flash drive mode, a log file is available with all acquired data. Virtual COM port mode can be used to live-stream the captured data, or to communicate with the device using a proprietary command set.