Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro

The Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro is a keystroke recording keyboard with an integrated hardware keylogger. The embedded hardware keylogger derives from the KeyGrabber Forensic family, switching to flash drive mode for viewing recorded data. It features a sophisticated FPGA chip with a 32X oversampling algorithm, ensuring a zero character drop rate and full compatibility with all types of USB topologies. A variety of keyboard models is available to choose from when ordering your Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro. The Pro version adds keystroke generation features, such as a text menu and HID keystroke injection. It features a built-in scripting language, making in an advanced penetration testing tool.

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro
  • High quality keyboard with stealthy keylogger integrated

  • Records all keystrokes to internal flash memory

  • Based on the established and reliable KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger

  • Multiple keyboard models and layouts to choose from

  • 16 megabytes built-in memory, equivalent of years-worth of typing

  • Switches to flash drive mode with a special key combination

  • Accessible as a USB removable drive for instant data retrieval

  • Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption

  • Easy to configure with a simple text file

  • No Wi-Fi and wireless footprint, doesn't leave traces in network environment

  • No software, drivers or configuration required, works out of the box

  • Works as a keylogger, works as a HID keystroke generator

  • Advanced penetration-testing tool

  • Auto-generated text menu, simplifying access to log and configuration

  • Runs keystroke generation schemes from script files

  • Built-in scripting language interpreter

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro

Full integration

The Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro has a factory-installed keylogger integrated, based on the high performance KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger. The USB keyboard model may be chosen for a variety of manufacturers, models, and keyboard layouts (subject to stock availability). This guarantees full stealthiness, as the keylogging module is neither visible to the naked eye, nor to the operating system or security software.

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro

High quality

The Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro is a high quality keyboard and keylogger combination, with a zero character drop-rate. It records everything that is typed on the keyboard, and has several levels of filtering and handling control characters.

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro

Ease of use

The Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro is as easy to use as all it's predecessors in the KeyGrabber family, being best-sellers since 2005. This keylogger keyboard works out-of-the-box by simply plugging it the USB socket. Accessing data requires pressing a predefined key-combination known only to the owner. The integrated 16 gigabytes of flash memory is an equivalent of years of typing.

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro


The Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro is as stealthy as a hardware keylogger can get, thanks to the physical integration inside the USB keyboard. It leaves no traces on the target computer, and doesn't propagate anything in the local Wi-Fi environment. It shows up only as a USB input device, not differing in any way from a standard USB keyboard. Thus the embedded hardware keylogger cannot be detected by security and anti-virus software.

Forensic Keylogger Keyboard Pro

The Pro version

The Pro version is a multi-role security and pen-testing device. It works as a keyboard and keylogger combination, but can also be switched to keystroke generation mode. Operating as a HID device it can generate a text-menu, making access to memory and configuration options more convenient. Moreover, it can also run keystroke-injection scripts thanks to a keystroke parser based on a simple scripting language. This makes it a perfect penetration testing tool, combining the functionality of a keyboard, hardware keylogger and HID injector in a single device.